Help grow the cycling community in Cranbrook, meet other riders, support trail building and maintenance, have fun. Annual membership of the club is $20 and 18 years old and under are free. Remember, the larger our member base the better our ability is to advocate for trail access in the Cranbrook area.


The club is a non profit society registered with the Province of BC, and also a registered club with IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) Canada.


You can download the Membership Registration Form here, and the Waiver here. Forms and payment can be dropped off at the following locations.


High Country Sports –    11 – 10th Ave S

Gerick Cycles –     320 Cranbrook St N


Payment can also be made by Interac eTransfer, to –  if using this method please drop off your completed forms at one of the above locations or at a club group ride, and add a note with the payment to advise where your completed forms are.


For further information reguarding memberships, please contact us at